Scripture: Romans 12: 12 – Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

This verse speaks to me every day in my journey with Jesus. I fail to be joyful in my everyday life as my “to do list” is always longer than my energy to complete; and patience has been my biggest trial through my entire life. I want everything completed now and find it difficult to wait. Faithful in Prayer: I tell myself to start the day with a daily devotion and prayer, but I find sometimes the evening is here and I have not stopped to sit and pray. We are taught in the New Testament that Jesus will always love us and be with us. He asks each of us to be his disciple in showing love and kindness to all we meet, loving our neighbor as ourselves. This is not always easy. We work hard and play hard. Even in retirement, I find too many tasks I need to complete each day. We tend to set our goals to achieve and I fail to put Jesus first. We try to solve all of our problems first. When that fails, then we turn to Jesus and ask why. I want my prayers answered in my time frame. We know that is not God’s way. His time frame is not in our mind set. I find if I am praying for family and friends due to illness, surgery or medical treatment, I will pray each morning, asking for those persons to feel his love and strength to be with them this day. This needs to be a daily habit and not when I am in a crisis mode.

Jesus tells us he is always near us. All we have to do is bring our joys, concerns and trials to him. Let each of us begin this Lenten season, with always putting God first, starting each new day with a prayer. We will feel his love and peace, making our day so much better.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for always listening to our joys, concerns and trials. Help us to be more patient and wait for an answer according to your will. Let us show our love and kindness to those we meet today. In Thy name, we pray. Amen

Ceci Jackson