Scripture: John 4:1-26, the story of the Samaritan Woman

My Small Group is experimenting with a Bible study concept of reading the Bible stories and placing yourself in the story – as either one of the main characters or as one of the by-standers. As I read this story, I found myself trying to imagine the heart of Jesus. When I thought of this in the context of “Journeys to Jesus” I wondered about several things: Why did Jesus go through Samaria when Jews usually went around that country? Why did Jesus stop at the well in the desert in the hot middle of the day when the disciples went on to town to get food? Why did Jesus engage the woman who arrived at the well in the middle of the day in conversation when a Jewish man wouldn’t speak to a lone woman, much less to a hated Samaritan? Why did Jesus take the time to explain “living water” to her and give her a chance at eternal life? My answer to all these “whys” is that Jesus loves us so much that he is willing to go before us so that we can find him! He is ahead of us on all our journeys toward him so that he can meet us in our time of need.

The Samaritan woman was not perfect; in fact, she was far from it. Who she was or what she had done did not deter Jesus. Jesus’ love for us is complete, even though he knows everything about us. He will meet us where we are.

Prayer: Holy Jesus, thank you for loving us so much that you go ahead of us so that we can find you. Help us on our journey to you so that we can see that you are always with us even when we are not looking for you. Amen

Spiritual Discipline: Each day look for the ways that Jesus is stretching out his hand to guide us on our journey to him.

Sandie Cone