John 14: 1: “Let not your heart be troubled…”

Although this passage is frequently used at funerals, I find it appropriate for our time in today’s world.  Jesus is speaking to YOU as an individual.  He is telling YOU to take control of your feelings.

I could write a “laundry list” of reasons why our hearts are troubled today.  (If you don’t know what a laundry list is, ask someone over the age of 75 who remembers those days.)

Do all that you can every day to guard your health and happiness. Be strong for your family and friends.  Walk with Jesus.  Talk with Jesus.  Pray with Jesus.  Trust him.  He’s the answer to your troubled heart.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, let me always remember that you are with me.  Let my heart focus on that thought and let my daily troubles be lessened by your presence.  Amen

Barbara Gulledge