Since the rainy season started, the entire country of Guatemala, especially the Bethesda Mission Center campus, has gone green which gives us the sense of a refreshing life. I pray that our souls also have this refreshing life of the Lord by the Holy Spirit in every moment of our being! 

First of all, I would like to share the food delivery project. From the beginning of May until last week, with the grace of God, we were able to deliver food to five hundred families in Guatemala. The food that we provided consisted of basic grains, such as corn and beans, and could sustain a family of four members for fifty days. Compared to last year, the number of the families which received the food was reduced by two-thirds. It was such a blessing to witness the smile of our Lord through the smiles of our Guatemalan brothers and sisters! Many of them confessed that their economic situation was getting better in this year compared to that in the last year (However, the family income was reduced by thirty to fifty percent compared to the pre-pandemic time) and that God had embraced them throughout the difficult time during the pandemic. Maybe this is why big smiles were on our friends’ faces! So many of them raised their hands, giving thanks to God! (Compare this to last year when I saw so many faces of desperation.)

We pray that we can deliver food to five hundred families each month until October this year. Although the financial circumstances are getting better in Guatemala compared to the first year of the pandemic, our poor Guatemalan families are still in need of food which is essential for their survival. Alongside this, the Covid-19 situation in Guatemala is still in bad shape. Every day, one thousand five hundred to two thousand new cases are added. Hospitals in Guatemala have been oversaturated by Covid-19 patients. Some of the hospitals run out of some medicines and supplies to treat the Covid-19 patients. So far less than five percent of the population has received vaccines, and the Guatemalan government leans heavily on the COVAX program for Guatemala does not have money to purchase vaccines. Nobody knows when the majority of Guatemalans will get vaccinated. Please keep lifting Guatemala in your prayers. 

Secondly, we have made huge progress with our roof construction. Despite the delay, the shape of the roof looks beautiful. Our plan for the roof construction is that by the end of this week, we would like to finish the installation of the metal frames, and in the following two weeks, we would like to install OSB panels and asphalt shingles. We already ordered the windows, which will be installed in a month. When we get the windows installed, the first phase of our construction will be completed. Praise the Lord! Thanks to all of you! The rest of the construction, such as floor tiles and inside resurfacing, ceiling, dry walls, doors, electricity, plumbing and toilets, etc. can be delayed. Thank you for sharing your love and prayers for the construction. Please continue to pray to complete the construction with a fullness of grace.

Lastly, my family is doing very well in our faithful Lord! Sunnie is busy with taking care of three boys! However, she is always joyful! Joshua, my first son, graduated from GSMST (Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology) with honor. He will enroll in a university this year. Andrew, my second one, completed his 7th grade school year. Daniel, the youngest one, completed his 6th grade! Both of them enjoyed their study a lot! I plan to visit my family June 23rd. I will stay in the US (GA) for three to four weeks. Please remember my family in your prayers always!


Pastor Luke Rhyee

Healing Guatemala