Recently, I read Eugene Peterson’s The Pastor: A Memoir, and saw a practice that helped his congregation immensely. His Maryland congregation already mailed a weekly newsletter complete with financial reports, upcoming events, and opportunities for service. As Pastor, he included a weekly column with a paragraph or two. In talking with members of the congregation, he discovered that his column was often lost or overlooked in all of the much needed information the weekly newsletter contained. His words of spiritual counsel did not always blend well with the other items passed along to the congregation.

Peterson arranged for a weekly letter to the congregation that was mailed closer to Sunday. This method of pastoral communication allowed space to address deeper spiritual issues and equip the congregation more fully for the upcoming Sunday’s worship. Peterson had a team of church volunteers to help him with stuffing the envelopes and mailing the letters. Would such an effort be fruitful for us? I am willing to experiment to find out. I want to write about the common spiritual issues and questions we face as human beings and less about what is happening at Trinity. I want to offer a pastoral perspective, born of the experience of daily life. If you have a question about faith or the challenges of the spirit that you face, please call or email me. Amanda tells me that the email that is sent with the weekly note can be configured so that you can reply directly to me (but not to everyone on the list) with questions or comments.

See you Sunday,

Scripture Lesson for Sunday, Aug 7, 2022
Luke 12:32-34
Questions to ponder and prepare as you read the scripture:

  1. What does it mean to “make purses for yourself that do not wear out”? (12:33) “Fear not” and “do not be afraid.” What other places and times have we heard these words in the scriptures?
  2. What is the treasure of your life?