Our History

Church in the Courthouse – 1824 through 1827

Sumterville Court House was used not only as the place for the administration of Justice, but many of the early churches of Sumterville were organized in it.  Father Jenkins began holding worship services for the Methodists in 1824.  It is thought that the Methodists continued meeting in the Court House until 1827.

First House of Worship – 1827 through 1847

The first Methodist Church in the town of Sumterville was located on the north side of West Liberty Street opposite the present parking lot of Trinity United Methodist Church.  Construction began in 1824 and the church was dedicated in 1827.  The Methodists sold the building to the Roman Catholics in the late 1840s.  The building was renovated extensively and renamed St. Lawrence Catholic Church.

Move to 226 West Liberty Street – 1847 through 1888

By 1844, the small, plain House of Worship, which had been in use for seventeen years, became too small for the growing Methodist congregation.  After selling the existing building to the Roman Catholics, two acres of land were purchased across the street and a neat, frame building with white columns was constructed and dedicated in 1847.  Some 30 years later, this church building was sold and moved to the country, without the columns, so that construction of a red brick church could begin on the same site.

Red Brick Church – 1888 through 1913

Ground was broken in 1885 for the building of the Red Brick Church.  The building was dedicated on May 27, 1888 by Bishop W.W. Duncan.  First Methodist Episcopal Church South, as it was called at the time, was quite modern for its day.  The church had victorian colored glass windows and not only had a pipe organ, but a reed organ as well.  This church building was torn down to make way for a buff-colored brick church building.

First Methodist becomes Trinity Methodist – 1913 through 1960

In September 1911, ground was broken for the buff-colored brick church.  The dedication service for this spacious building was held September 23, 1913.  During these years (1911-1913), the congregation changed its name from First Methodist Episcopal Church South to Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church South.  On Friday morning, June 10, 1960, tragedy struck.  Fire destroyed the buff-colored brick church in a matter of hours.

Our Current Home – 1960 through Present

On June 29, 1960, the congregation elected a Building Committee to plan and erect a new church.  The Building Fund was approved on July 21, 1960 and on February 15, 1961 the floor plan and design were accepted.  Ground was broken on October 29, 1961 and the dedication service was held on March 3, 1963.  The Consecration Service was held on October 10, 1982.  This church is of Gothic design and is built of masonry, steel, and stone.