The Living Christmas Story

Trinity UMC’s Living Christmas Story: Behind the Scenes

The last few pandemic-induced years have been difficult ones for all of our traditions and we find ourselves entering new seasons of life, and of ministry, adjusting traditions have been adjusted to ensure health and safety for all.  Trinity UMC’s Living Christmas Story has been an annual tradition for over 20 years, and our entire congregation looks forward to sharing the story of our Savior’s Birth in different ways.  While we haven’t been able to put on the traditional Living Christmas Story presentation in 2020, 2021, or 2022, there are still ways to spread the good news, and we hope you enjoy this special “Behind the Scenes” series featuring interviews with some of the longtime organizers of the program!

The Greatest Story Ever Told…

Part 1, Origins
Part 2, Casting
Part 3, Building Bethlehem
Part 4, Speaking Roles
Part 5, Stories and Remembrances
Part 6, Tales from the Kitchens
Part 7, Costumes