A point of view from Richard Murrell:

“Two Are Better” – This is the title of Our Daily Bread devotion for March 6, the day before the team left for Guatemala. It is based on Ecclesiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. Before we left on Saturday morning around 4:00 am, I read the verse along with excerpts from the devotion to the team. How appropriate to send us off to be the Hands and Feet of the Church.

On Wednesday we traveled to Cajola, we had the traveling team, about ten translators, Rev. Luke, and Cris our van driver, translator and all around funny guy. That is what we had in Guatemala, but we also had each of you. And, we have had each of you from the beginning along with others praying for us. I believe the team was handpicked by God; we had good return on our labor because of this. Every morning when we arrive at a sight, today it was a small church, a quick assessment is done of the sight and it is quickly transformed into a “clinic” and our home for the day. The population we dealt with on Wednesday was mostly indigenous Mayan, although the official language is Spanish most of the older folks speak “ Mam” necessitating the need for a Mam translator also. There is very little medical care for these very poor people. I had a bottle that once held 100 Naproxen in my backpack and some of these folk would stand in line for over an hour to receive 30. It hits home to how fortunate we are and how poor they are when you reduce it to these simple terms. I believe anyone in America can afford a bottle of Naproxen.

I need to mention our translators. Since I helped out in the pharmacy, I will tell you about Sophie. Sophie was our translator each day. I watched her eyes as she translated to each patient (more than 200 per day) what the medicine was for, how to take it or administer it. Each day you could see the concern and care in her eyes as she did her task over and over. All the translators were great, but working with Sophie was a treat for me. I think about her and her future daily.

In the pastor’s prayer were these words “God we are in debt to these people and have nothing to give. Will you pay our bill for us and bless them.” When I reflect on this and other mission trips I am the one blessed. I decided to go to Nicaragua two years ago when I read the words “God wants something for you not from you.” I continue to believe this and know He has a plan for me. God wants something for you also, please remember this during this crisis and remember these folks in Guatemala and the rest of the world that have so much less then we do. You may not be able to go on a mission trip but with your prayers and financial support others can and have good return on their labor. Remember “Two are better than one.”