“Last Clinic Day”

A point of view from Trena Bass:

Truly, His mercies, in multiple forms, are new every morning no matter the location! Natural views, His Word, worship songs and my favorite, coffee … I mean, my teammates! Another morning meant another chance to mentally and physically prepare, greatly aided by what Amy and Maria made us for breakfast. In minutes, the organized and efficient ones among us had the suitcases packed, loaded and ready to go. With everyone filled with enough caffeine for the day ahead, The Flexible Fifteen were on the road one last time, expecting the unexpected.

I sat in the back seat, because, “I don’t get car sick.” The phrase, Famous last words, seems appropriate here. Apparently, when I’m at 9,000 feet, taking more turns than a revolving door, and riding over potholes bigger than my sweet tooth, I do indeed get nauseated. Sally, my empathetic seat partner coached me through the waves. This was also when I offered Nora and Dr. Arland my kidney for sharing their ginger chews. As I made it back to the land of the living, I thought of how I can also be ill-prepared for the turns and bumps involved in God’s plan for my life. How important to take the “Dramamine” of His Word each day in preparation for the trials to come.

Land! Non mobile land and a solid building, a beautiful clinic with rooms and indoor plumbing. This was my favorite set up because I got to be closer to everyone. I could stick my nosy head out and observe our organized, efficient team exuding I Corinthians’ love. Such a moving experience to witness each person using his/her spiritual gifts to share God’s love to these wonderful people that He purposed for us to see: Erica calmly directing the frontline, Sheila and Maggie making the kiddos smile, Jere being attentive and patient with a smile and Nora bringing the precious. Meg running between rooms, keeping the line moving and the children occupied; Nicole bringing organizing to the chaos, Richard trying to appear productive , kidding, Richard and Sally running the pharmacy,  Dale, Mitch, Ric, Rick, and Arland exhibiting grace and humility as the interact face to face with their beloved patients. I’ve never been in a whirlwind, but surely what I was seeing was similar.

Today, my room had an actual exam table, Macgyver, sonographer edition, was making its last episode easier. Compared to the other days, this set up was a palace, even if the cartoon lion on the wall looked as if it may pounce at any moment. With my machine propped up on my bookbag, plastic bag taped on a crib for trash, and my paper towels torn in half so each patient could have one to clean off the gel, I began meeting these precious people. The last patient before lunch was expecting a……… nino!!

Our afternoon break was welcomed.  Amy and Gloria had meticulously packed sandwiches as big as my face for us all. So big there was plenty to share with the neighborhood dogs.

Fed and re-caffeinated with hot Pepsi, we were ready to take on the rest of what God had for us. Clearly, word had gotten out that there were ultrasounds to be had. The little waiting area stayed full and Meg kept the patients organized and the children happily occupied! I found that if I told a patient, “I need you four to five months along to tell gender,” the next patient would somehow know to tell me she happened to be, “four to five months” along.  When the last patient came back, guess how many of those half paper towels were left! One!  I thought watching our team in action was amazing; realizing that God knew exactly how many patients I would see and planned accordingly, made my heart smile.

Looking around at our end of the day circle, I saw faces who had been changed from strangers to friends. They made real friend status when they agreed to stop for ice cream on the way back!  Front seat here I come! Here’s where I offer part of my liver to Meg for her half of a Dramamine and offer a lifetime of visits to Nicole for giving me her seat. I feel like Nicole is getting the best part of that deal.

As we pulled into the driveway back at home base, I wasn’t prepared for the emotional greeting we would receive. Maria and Amy ran out to meet us giving hugs and expressing how tired we must all be, ushering us in to the meal they had prepared. What a picture of Christ welcoming us home to Heaven after we fulfill His purpose here on earth. How quickly our plans had turned into reflections. What a privilege to follow God, daily mercies included.