The world is a very big place. It is difficult to envision the distances between points on the globe. Then there are the many cultural differences in the big world. Culture is influenced by geography, history, climate, and many other factors. Our understanding of others is limited by our own experiences and understandings. When Trinity speaks of its mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world and of its vision of serving God and others from the heart of Sumter, we often think about our neighborhood, our zip code, or city.

However, Trinity UMC Sumter has three opportunities right now to serve others from the heart of Sumter to other points on the globe:

First, we are sponsoring a 13-member mission team to our partners in ministry, Rev. Dr. Luke Rhyee and Healing Guatemala. Our mission team flies out this Saturday (March 19th) to Guatemala for a medical and construction mission. They will be traveling to rural villages providing healthcare to those in need. Trinity has been very generous in their sponsorship of this mission. On the last mission in 2020, there was a significant impact on the ministry in Guatemala as well as on the missioners who made the trip.

Here are the missioners I ask you to pray for:

Mitch Grunsky

Jere Pound

Paige Gregory

Erica Boland

Honey Dawn Chapman

Dave Whaley

Meg Creech

Richard Murrell

Gray Maklary

Brian Hardee

Jessica Hardee

Fede Apencia

Rachel White

We will pray for them in their work until they safely return.

Second, as the war in Ukraine continues to rage, people are displaced, injured, and killed. It ranks as a European humanitarian tragedy as great as World War II. The United Methodist Church, through the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), is bringing aid to the refugees and those under siege in Ukraine. Our prayers are one of the best ways for us to focus our efforts. We give our prayers legs by giving donations for relief. If you would like to give for this effort through Trinity and UMCOR, please write “Ukraine” on the memo line of your check or envelope. Remember, 100% of your donation goes directly to this effort.

Third, as a connectional church we work with other United Methodist churches around South Carolina and the world offering relief, scholarships, covering denominational administrative costs, and focusing mission efforts and resources. Our part in this effort comes through our 2022 missional apportionments. For 2022, Trinity will contribute $77,234 for mission and ministry beyond our local church through the United Methodist connectional system. We do this because together, we as individual churches can do more. We do this because we serve God and others from the heart of Sumter


Rev. Joseph R. James, Jr.

Senior Pastor, Trinity UMC Sumter