Last week, I received an email from Chaplain Bill Jewell, a chaplain at the Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital, part of the MUSC system in Charleston. Chaplain Jenkins wrote:

“I came across the wooden crosses in cloth bags with your church’s name and information attached with it. I wanted to share that there have been several families that have appreciated being able to take and hold these crosses during their stay here at Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital. I have set out the last of the ones that I have come across, and wanted you to know both that they have been so appreciated, and that they would be happily accepted if you were to send more of them.”

This week, our mission team in Guatemala has over two dozen clutch crosses to hand out to the sick and those in need. Think of the ways the work of volunteers here in Sumter are making a difference for Christ among those who are dealing with challenging times at different places among people we do not know. Our supply of clutch crosses is almost diminished. Are we up to the challenge of making more? Surely, there are carpenters who can cut the cypress wood; others who could prepare the bags, and still others to stuff the bags. Surely, there are people who will pray over each bag. Certainly, all of us can take a clutch cross in the bag with us, put it in a desk drawer at work or in our vehicle, and give it to someone when the opportunity arises.

For more information and to volunteer, I invite you to contact Lynwood Griffin, our clutch cross coordinator, at 1- (910) 237-7619. Trinity UMC, you are making an impact on the world beyond our walls. Thanks be to God.