Sunday Worship

We have a variety of worship options to fit your personal needs.

Traditional Sunday Worship Service (11:00 AM)

Our 11:00 AM Worship Service is our largest service.  Beginning with a processional of crucifer, acolytes, chancel choir, and pastor, this service invites attendees into the presence of God with piano, organ, harpsicord, and on special occasions, the church’s member-led orchestra and multi-generational handbell and vocal choirs.  Surrounded by exquisite stained glass windows, this service proclaims the glory, majesty, and authority of God in our lives.

If you’re not able to join us in person for the 11:00 AM Worship Service, you can listen live on WIBZ Z95.5.  Click Here for a link to the streaming version of the radio broadcast, available on the web.  We are also live streaming the 11:00 AM worship service via Facebook Live and on this site’s homepage!

Council Street Door

Early Sunday Worship Service (9:00 AM)

Join us in the Sanctuary at 9:00 AM for the first of our two Sunday morning worship services.  Come with a heart ready for worship and praise.  All are welcome!